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2022-08-31 10:27

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A new website as a wedding photographer, fashion photographer, portrait and event photographer.

A new website as a wedding photographer, fashion photographer, portrait and event photographer. Why?

Because I realized how important it is to keep up-to-date, and to introduce myself in a way that best represents me.

Therefore I chose a user-friendly website, so that those looking for a wedding photographer in my area can easily find me and see how I work.

A dynamic website too, with an attractive design, one click away from my best works as a portrait and fashion photographer, that makes me stand out as a photographer for events and ceremonies of various kinds.

I said to myself it was high time I acted, because it was important I made myself known as a wedding photographer beyond the borders of my area, and promoted myself to a foreign clientele as a destination wedding photographer, as the Italian region of Umbria, where I live,  is an extremely popular destination.

That's why this site is presented in a bilingual Italian/English mode with a blog written in both languages, rather than automatically translated. I intend to show you that I have the same attention to detail in my photography work that I have in writing. 

You may read and wonder, who is this lady? I am a wedding photographer who takes care of details, who loves the candid photographs of a wedding reportage and the traditional poses that are an absolute must in wedding photos, as well as the poses accompanied by a skillful control of the lights, which I have learned thanks to academic education and training as a portrait and fashion photographer.

I wondered who would want to see my photos, which brides, which companies, which event and ceremony organizer, what kind of customer, in short, would have seen in me the event, ceremony or wedding photographer or the portrait photographer he/she was looking for.

Are you the person I am thinking of?  Are you a bride or a groom looking for a wedding photographer you can trust?

A photographer willing to understand your tastes, to respect your times, a wedding photographer who combines technical expertise, ability to capture the moment and empathy?

A wedding photographer who does justice to the vividness of the colors of your big day, without overlooking the romantic charm of silky black and white images?

Are you looking for a professional portrait photographer who knows how to take the best out of you with a collection of powerful portraits, be it for professional reasons, or simply because you aim to rediscover your beauty?

Are you the owner of a clothing company and want to show off your garments in an eye-catching way in magazines and social media with a collection of photographs taken by an experienced fashion photographer?

Do you organize an event and want detailed photo coverage?
For all of the above,  I'm the photographer for you.  

Let us make this journey together.

Note: I was lucky enough to photograph the intimate wedding of Laura and Giacomo a few days ago in Orvieto.

I chose to decorate this first article of my blog with a photo of their wedding, a rock pose of the close group of guests.

I suggested it,  they agreed to pose without a second thought.

The result is striking, a real cover photo. 

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