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2023-04-21 23:11

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I am showing you three of the many reasons you should do a couple photoshoot, especially if you are on your way to the altar...

Don't ask me why I am so eager to do couple photoshoots.  You should be too!!

Without mentioning the dozens of reasons why, as a destination wedding photographer in Umbria and Tuscany, I always recommend my brides and grooms should have some professional photos taken before their big day, I will narrow my arguments down to three (or four maybe) not simply good, but excellent reasons.

Let's see, you are engaged to be married, or perhaps the two of you are not yet thinking about marriage but have just moved in together, or perhaps you have been dating for some time and have not yet made any major commitment, or maybe the two of you only met last week for the first time, and you are still getting to know each other, but you feel this "thing" is going to last forever...

I mean, you are in love! And, of course, love should be celebrated! Spend time together - yes  - get to know each other - yes - and, of course, start building your life together!

1) The first good reason for having a couple photoshoot is, of course, that you want some photos of the two of you and you want them to be good, you want them to last, you want them to remind you of how it all began, therefore you want to hire a professional photographer who can capture your emotions and translate them into bi-dimensional images. 

Also, my advice is, after you have had your couple photos taken and you have selected those 20 or perhaps 30 photos that are included in the package you booked with your photographer, choose the one you like best, and have it printed and framed.  Then hang it on your wall.  Then collect the others into a photobook. 

So, this was the first reason for having a couple photoshoot and it applies to all couples. Let us proceed to the second one.

2) Ok, perhaps, you have never seriously been in front of a camera but your wedding is in maybe-six. maybe-three, maybe-two months, so you want to know how to pose on your big day and you know that you will have to learn that beforehand, as that day will be packed with action with very little spare time.

You want to know that yes, perhaps you better keep your shoulders down, or perhaps push them back, you want to know how to smile like the Monnalisa (this is a little trick that always works when I do fashion photoshoots, telling my models and my brides, to put up a smile that says "this is for me to know and for you to find out"). An engagement photoshoot is going to work like a rehearsal of your wedding day, so you will be completely at ease once the time comes.

3) You have hired a wedding photographer that you like and you are looking forward to being photographed on your wedding day, but perhaps your other half is not too keen to appear in camera, even though he/she knows that the two of you will be playing leading roles on your wedding day.  Well, call it a couple session, call it an engagement photoshoot, call it a two-hour photography session, it will be a key opportunity for you to pose and for your partner to realize that  YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER IS NOT THE ENEMY

You know I am right.... 

Of course, a couple photoshoot is also a great opportunity for me to know my prospective spouses before the wedding day, far from their guests, in a relaxed atmosphere.

In the meantime, here are the photos I took of Giada and Andrea a couple of weeks ago. They looked happy and in Love.  They were, of course, aware of my presence, yet they seemed pretty much at ease as they were walking together from Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps in Rome. 

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