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2023-06-06 13:22

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Make sure you choose your wedding team wisely and your wedding day will be perfect!

A Wedding is always a matter of teamwork.  

Have you ever realized how many people get involved in such an important event?

And, consequently, how many will be involved in YOUR wedding?

Indeed your wedding definitively involves many more people than just the two of you.  

It may involve your family and friends, to start with.  

It may involve a celebrant or an MoC a wedding planner, a gown designer, makeup artist, hair stylist, photographer, videographer, caterer, chauffer, musicians, baby sitters, dog sitters… so many individuals and companies will share this fantastic day with you!!

Of course, you, as the bride and groom will be the actors in the leading roles, and everybody else will have supporting roles. 

But this means you will have and, believe me, will also need, their full support!

Don’t you think that they should sync in with you? That they should all know what you like and what you do not like,  what you expect and what you do not expect.

Shouldn’t  YOU know what they are like? Better, shouldn’t THEY know what YOU are like? 

In the months or years preceding your wedding you want to select a team of wedding professionals that will help you make your wedding day perfect.  Because this is nothing less than what you deserve!

My suggestion is:  SELECT WISELY!!

As a destination wedding photographer in Umbria and Tuscany I am well aware of the importance of communication among wedding professionals. Communication starts well before the wedding day.

 It helps if you have hired a wedding planner who coordinates the other vendors by creating, for example, a whatsapp group among them where he/she can share a timeline, arrange arrival times and simply put the vendors in touch with each other. 

But the absence of a planner or a coordinator should not be an excuse for the wedding professionals not to communicate with each other before a wedding.

Do they have each other’s phone number? Have they asked you to share their phone numbers? Do they now each other’s arrival time and how long it will take them to finish their work? Does your hairstylist know what your makeup artist will do, and vice-versa? 

The success of a wedding lies in the ability of the wedding professionals to work as a team before, during, and after the wedding!! 

I was recently involved in a major training event organized by Hair Beauty Diffusion in Perugia for Wella Professional and dedicated to new trends in bridal hairstyles, with the participation of two major hairstylist experts who came especially from Apulia. 

The watchwords were “.. let’s get to know our bride” and “.. let’s work as a team” and this should be your watchwords too. 

Therefore, select your wedding team wisely, choose proven professionals whose style you like, make sure they get to know each other and talk to each other before the wedding and then.. enjoy your big day..:)

Have a look at some of my shots of such a brilliant event, which only represent a fraction of the incredible reportage my colleagues and I did on the day.

And, by the way,  the news is …1950's hair and make-up trends are coming back.. 

This was the amazing team at the Wella Professionals event:

Hair stylist and coordination: HBD Hair Beauty Diffusion Perugia
Make up artist: Laura Boncio Make Up
Shoes: Bruno Calzature Perugia
Models: Livia Barchiesi, Camilla Belloni, Marta Polinori
Amazing Photo Team: Maria Giulia La Rosa (yours truly), Roberta Cotigni, Noemi Morelli
Location: Hotel Giò Perugia

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